Scenario 2B: Agreements required by resources owners

A similar use case to 2A is where a resource’s owner has attached additional conditions around accessing/using a resource, and individual users must agree to a licence before they are granted access. For example, users may be obliged to agree to use a resource only for educational or non-profit purposes, or to observe copyright

This can be implemented using eduPersonTargetedID; that is, this attribute can be used to identify repeat visits by the same user (subject to the restrictions on attribute re-assignment described above). SARoNGS uses such an approach, based on a registration process where users provide additional information beyond that supplied by the IdP. However, it may still be worth JISC negotiating at the national level particular values on eduPersonEntitlement in these cases.

The UKDA (together with EDINA and MIMAS) has implemented a process whereby users are allowed to access distributed data collections when they have signed appropriate terms and conditions . In this mechanism, a central SP sets the eduPersonEntitlement value for the other SPs, which is conveyed to other SPs without the need for SPs to share attributes (which is not allowed). Ross agreed to share this solution.

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    As with other scenarios, issues with administration of ePEs apply here. It would be a lot easier to use the SARoNGS method, with extra information stored by the repository. But with this proviso, I think this is a good idea.

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    This seems useful especially wrt data where there may be need to restrict access to closed group.

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    For many of these cases that exist now, the only real resolution is to directly contact the resource owner and get explicit permission. To be honest, email, rather than repositories and FAM, may be the most effective option.

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    There are quite a few cases where this already applies and I can see that usage is going to expand as we move out of basic usage of the federation and on to more complex scenarios once people get their head around the shift to the federation. I'm already seeing quite a lot being done on levels of assurance (LoA) in both Europe and America so that individuals can access resources that need more information so I wouldn't be surprised to see resource owners asking for more information as a first stage before a move to LoA.

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