Scenario 4: Curation/preservation

Many of the digital objects in a repository will continue to exist over the long term, possibly with modifications relating to preservation requirements. It is essential from a preservation point of view that provenance/audit information is preserved about these objects (who did what, when and how); otherwise the authenticity of the objects and the trust placed in the repository cannot be guaranteed. These scenarios also require personal identification that is either persistent and immutable, or at least that accommodates changes to the personal identifiers (e.g. by allowing identifiers for a common individual to be linked).


Proposed actions:


This scenario may be regarded as a special case of Scenario 3 (b)/(c) above, and actions for JISC would be special cases of the actions arising from Scenario 3. Specifically, we would need to develop a model of the actions that can be taken and the events that can occur in curation, and analyse the corresponding curation use cases. JISC could use its contacts with the curation/preservation community to determine to what extent it is important to record “who” (person name, role, etc.) took particular actions.



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